Unit 6. The wolf´s in town


Present continuos activities Unit .Present continuos    

Ordinal numbers   Ilustrated dictionary

Listening vocabulario Audio


Vocabulario y estructuras:

  1. Básico: station, supermarket, bank, cinema, café, zoo, park, swimming pool.
  2. Skip, turn around, touch the ground.
  3. In front of , next to, between, behind, above, opposite.
  4. This story is about…, in this picture…, myth, legend, fairytale, prince, princess, king, knight, god. 
  5. I don’t understand. Listen again.
  6. Repaso: In, on, under. Earth, father, girl, England.
  7. Lenguaje básico: I’m …ing.  He/She’s …ing.   It’s + preposición + lugar.
  8. Lenguaje de repaso: There’s a …, There isn’t a …,  He’s/She’s wearing…,  Can/Can’t.  El presente simple y el presente continuo

Actividades interactivas :

  1.  Preposiciones: Listen and click
  2. What´s the word?
  3. Look and read. Choose True or False.
  4. Realiza los ejercicios de la UNIDAD 6 de Find out!

 Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: The wolf´s in town.
  2. Chant: The skipping chant
  3. Song: We don´t like the big bad wolf

Unit 5.Transport.Off to school





Vocabulario y estructuras:

  1. Básico:  a train, a plane, a bus, a motorbike, a taxi, a helicopter, a boat, a lorry, by… transport
  2. paper, water.
  3. PE, English, geography, maths, history, science.
  4. This is good/bad for the environment, pollute, waste, recycle, have an engine, leave taps on, collect rain water, water plants, draw only on one side, put…, in the recycling bin.
  5. Repaso: car, bike, shops, museum, park, sports centre, trees, river, lake, forest, clean, dirty. Is that right?, No that’s wrong.  La hora.
  6. Lenguaje básico:  I go by… + transport on + day of the week,   He/She goes to … by…,   How do you go to school?, By…
  7. Lenguaje de repaso:  can, have got, present simple.

Actividades interactivas :

  1. Medios de transporte: What´s the word?
  2. Sopa de letras: Subjects
  3. Look and read. Choose True or False.
  4. Asignaturas: Realiza los ejercicios de la UNIDAD 1 de Find out !

 Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: Can it fly ?
  2. Story: Off to school
  3. Chant: The transport chant
  4. Song: How do you go to school?


Story 5   Transport  Vocabulary

The transport chant

Unit 4. Day and night.Daily routine


Vocabulario y estructuras:

  1. Básico:  get up, have breakfast, go to school, have lessons, have lunch, go home, have dinner, go to bed.                         
  2. Quarter past one, quarter past four, half past six, half past eight, quarter to five, quarter to seven.
  3. Time zone, Spain, Britain, the USA, China
  4. midday, in the morning/ afternoon/evening. 
  5. I’m sorry, I’m late, OK, sit down.
  6. Repaso:  Have you got…?,  Hello/Hi, I’m…,  What’s this?, Is it a …?,  I don’t know. It’s a…  Can, like, run, ride a bike, read a book, food, activity.
  7. Lenguaje básico: I get up/have/go… at… o’clock.   She/he gets up at… o’clock. – She//He has breakfast/lunch/dinner at… o’clock.  She/He goes to… at… o’clock.
  8. Lenguaje de repaso: I / you + verbo.  I don’t like…, I like…., What’s the time? I

Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: Night and day !
  2. Story: At Anna´s house
  3. Chant: The tick-tock rock chant
  4. Song: The vampire song

Repasa la tercera persona de los verbos con estas actividades  AQUÍ

MY DAILY ROUTINE   Decir la hora What´s the time?

FIRST I get up AND I get dressed.
THEN I have breakfast AND I go to school.
AFTER school I…  -do exercise, do my homework, watch T.V., go to the park, etc…-
THEN I have a shower.
NEXT I have dinner AND I brush my teeth.
FINALLY I go to bed/sleep.

La rutina diaria   Activty 1  Fichas

Daily routine activities      VIDEO Y LETRA DE LA CANCIÓN WAKE UP Healthy habits and routines

 My Daily Routine, by jacque38
Find this and other daily routines exercises in English Exercises .org 

Unit 3.Food and drink



Muchos juegos GAMES para reforzar para el control

Memory game Fruit         Memory game Food

FICHA . I want..                   HELLO KITTY


Activity 1  Game Fruit salad
British food :comida britanica
english-breakfast-532x426   Copia en tu cuaderno el vocabulario de estas dos actividades:

Activity 1.Verduras VEGETABLES. Practica y copia

Activity 2.Breakfast : desayuno. Practica y copia en tu cuaderno

Breakfast activity


Practicar do you like ..? INTERACTIVA DIALOGUE At the restaurant Repaso vocabulario con sonido

Unit 3 The hungry rat .Christmas


Vocabulario y estructuras:
1.Básico: Cake, meat, fish, juice, fruit, milk, cola, jam, jug, plate, fridge,
2.Happy, angry, lazy, busy, hungry, thirsty.
3.Still life, painting, wine, soup, a bowl, a bottle, a basket, a rabbit, a knife, a coffee pot,
4.It’s by + nombre del pintor
5.a table, a guitar, an apple, grapes.
6.What can you see?, I can see..,
7.It’s time for…,
8.Some for me and some for you,
9.Can I go to the toilet, please?, Yes, of course.
10.How much is it? + price (pounds and pence).
11.Repaso: El alfabeto. Los números.
12.Lenguaje básico: There’s some…, in, on, Can I have some…?, Yes, of course. No, sorry. Here you are.
13.Lenguaje receptivo: I like…, I don’t like…, Do you like…?, He/She’s got… (blue) hair. This … is called…, There’s a …

Actividades interactivas :

  1. Comida: What´s the word ?
  2. Look and read. Choose True or false.

Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: The hungry rat
  2. Chant: The food and drink chant
  3. Song: Mix some potion



Repasa el have got aquí     have has got

Fichas have got has got

Unit 2Bathtime for Fifi



Vocabulario y estructuras:
1.Básico: face, eyes, ears, hands, fingers, feet, toes, body
2.Clean, dirty, blond.
3.Hamster, canary, goldfish, tortoise, rabbit, pony, eagle, wolf, leopard, pig, dolphin.
4.taste, smell, touch, hear, hearing, see, sight
5.His/her sense of… is important, I haven’t got a pen, Borrow mine.
6.Repaso: teeth, nose, mouth, hair, arms, legs, curly, enemies
7.Lenguaje básico: He’s/She’s got…, Has he/she got…?, Yes, he/she has.
8.No, he/she hasn’t.
9.Lenguaje receptivo: I’ve got.., He/She likes…, He/She doesn’t like…, This is…, He’s/She’s…, He’s/She’s in…, He’s/She can see…

Actividades interactivas :

  1. Look and read. Choose True or false.
  2. Cuerpo humano: Listen and click
  3. Cuerpo humano, ropa, juguetes: clasifica las palabras
  4. What´s the word?
  5. Sentence game
  6. Realiza los ejercicios de la UNIDAD 5 de Find out!
  7. Cuerpo humano: What´s the word?

Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: The school play
  2. Story: Bathtime for Fifi
  3. Rap: The bathtime rap
  4. Song: Fifi the dogs


Bathtime for Fifi.Story unit 2 Bathtime for Fifi. Story 2 BATHTIME FOR FIFI


DSCF6678Vocabulario HAIR



Actividades unit 2

https://www.youtube.com/embed/X_6Ai8NdkkY“>song https://www.youtube.com/embed/X_6Ai8NdkkY“>song

Actividades interactivas unit 2imagen describing peopleHOW ARE YOU - FEELINGS

<iframe width=”220″ height=”124″


I have a pain in my .. Describir animales Ficha 2Ficha 3Ficha 4Fichas repaso