Unit 6. The wolf´s in town


Present continuos activities Unit .Present continuos    

Ordinal numbers   Ilustrated dictionary

Listening vocabulario Audio


Vocabulario y estructuras:

  1. Básico: station, supermarket, bank, cinema, café, zoo, park, swimming pool.
  2. Skip, turn around, touch the ground.
  3. In front of , next to, between, behind, above, opposite.
  4. This story is about…, in this picture…, myth, legend, fairytale, prince, princess, king, knight, god. 
  5. I don’t understand. Listen again.
  6. Repaso: In, on, under. Earth, father, girl, England.
  7. Lenguaje básico: I’m …ing.  He/She’s …ing.   It’s + preposición + lugar.
  8. Lenguaje de repaso: There’s a …, There isn’t a …,  He’s/She’s wearing…,  Can/Can’t.  El presente simple y el presente continuo

Actividades interactivas :

  1.  Preposiciones: Listen and click
  2. What´s the word?
  3. Look and read. Choose True or False.
  4. Realiza los ejercicios de la UNIDAD 6 de Find out!

 Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: The wolf´s in town.
  2. Chant: The skipping chant
  3. Song: We don´t like the big bad wolf


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