Unit 5.Transport.Off to school





Vocabulario y estructuras:

  1. Básico:  a train, a plane, a bus, a motorbike, a taxi, a helicopter, a boat, a lorry, by… transport
  2. paper, water.
  3. PE, English, geography, maths, history, science.
  4. This is good/bad for the environment, pollute, waste, recycle, have an engine, leave taps on, collect rain water, water plants, draw only on one side, put…, in the recycling bin.
  5. Repaso: car, bike, shops, museum, park, sports centre, trees, river, lake, forest, clean, dirty. Is that right?, No that’s wrong.  La hora.
  6. Lenguaje básico:  I go by… + transport on + day of the week,   He/She goes to … by…,   How do you go to school?, By…
  7. Lenguaje de repaso:  can, have got, present simple.

Actividades interactivas :

  1. Medios de transporte: What´s the word?
  2. Sopa de letras: Subjects
  3. Look and read. Choose True or False.
  4. Asignaturas: Realiza los ejercicios de la UNIDAD 1 de Find out !

 Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: Can it fly ?
  2. Story: Off to school
  3. Chant: The transport chant
  4. Song: How do you go to school?


Story 5   Transport  Vocabulary

The transport chant


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