Unit 4. Day and night.Daily routine



Vocabulario y estructuras:

  1. Básico:  get up, have breakfast, go to school, have lessons, have lunch, go home, have dinner, go to bed.                         
  2. Quarter past one, quarter past four, half past six, half past eight, quarter to five, quarter to seven.
  3. Time zone, Spain, Britain, the USA, China
  4. midday, in the morning/ afternoon/evening. 
  5. I’m sorry, I’m late, OK, sit down.
  6. Repaso:  Have you got…?,  Hello/Hi, I’m…,  What’s this?, Is it a …?,  I don’t know. It’s a…  Can, like, run, ride a bike, read a book, food, activity.
  7. Lenguaje básico: I get up/have/go… at… o’clock.   She/he gets up at… o’clock. – She//He has breakfast/lunch/dinner at… o’clock.  She/He goes to… at… o’clock.
  8. Lenguaje de repaso: I / you + verbo.  I don’t like…, I like…., What’s the time? I

Actividades interactivas grup

  1. Story: Night and day !
  2. Chant: The tick-tock rock chant
  3. Song: The vampire song

Repasa la tercera persona de los verbos con estas actividades  AQUÍ

MY DAILY ROUTINE   Decir la hora What´s the time?

FIRST I get up AND I get dressed.
THEN I have breakfast AND I go to school.
AFTER school I…  -do exercise, do my homework, watch T.V., go to the park, etc…-
THEN I have a shower.
NEXT I have dinner AND I brush my teeth.
FINALLY I go to bed/sleep.

La rutina diaria   Activty 1  Fichas

Daily routine activities      VIDEO Y LETRA DE LA CANCIÓN WAKE UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_IqXuln76E

Healthy habits and routines

hMy Daily Routine, by jacque38
Find this and other daily routines exercises in English Exercises .org 


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