Unit 3 The hungry rat .Christmas


Vocabulario y estructuras:
1.Básico: Cake, meat, fish, juice, fruit, milk, cola, jam, jug, plate, fridge,
2.Happy, angry, lazy, busy, hungry, thirsty.
3.Still life, painting, wine, soup, a bowl, a bottle, a basket, a rabbit, a knife, a coffee pot,
4.It’s by + nombre del pintor
5.a table, a guitar, an apple, grapes.
6.What can you see?, I can see..,
7.It’s time for…,
8.Some for me and some for you,
9.Can I go to the toilet, please?, Yes, of course.
10.How much is it? + price (pounds and pence).
11.Repaso: El alfabeto. Los números.
12.Lenguaje básico: There’s some…, in, on, Can I have some…?, Yes, of course. No, sorry. Here you are.
13.Lenguaje receptivo: I like…, I don’t like…, Do you like…?, He/She’s got… (blue) hair. This … is called…, There’s a …

Actividades interactivas :

  1. Comida: What´s the word ?
  2. Look and read. Choose True or false.

Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: The hungry rat
  2. Chant: The food and drink chant
  3. Song: Mix some potion



Repasa el have got aquí     have has got

Fichas have got has got


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