Unit 1.A real Cowboy .Free time


Vocabulario y estructuras:

playing hockey, canoeing, horse riding, rollerblading, skateboarding playing volleyball, playing basketball, swimming.

  1. Come on, Tom!, I’m not a real cowboy, You’re a real cowboy/cowgirl.
  2. Watching TV, reading comics, talking to friends, writing emails, listening to music, playing computer games.
  3. Stamp your feet on the ground, Swing your partner round and round.
  4. Compass, north, south, east, west, the USA, Canada, Alaska, Please speak English.
  5. Lenguaje básico: He/She likes…, He/She doesn’t like…, It’s in the…, X is from…
  6. Lenguaje receptivo: What’s this?, It’s a…,  How do you spell…?, Do you like…?, Yes I do, I like…/I don’t like.

Actividades interactivas :

  1. Vocabulario: What´s the word ?
  2. Look and read. Choose true or false: A real cowboy
  3. Sentence game

Actividades interactivas grupo :

  1. Story: A real cowboy A REAL COWBOY
  2. Chants: The sport chant
  3. Songs: Look at the cowboy  
  4. about_meRepaso para el control 1   Repaso 2 3  4 5 Numbers
  5. STORY 1 A real cowboy. Repasa la historia 1
    Preguntar la edad.Actividades
  6. Hobbies 1 vocabularyimagesCAZ1EF5P
    hobbies activities


Unit 1 free time activities



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